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The FORMS Workshop


Workshop & Design Approach

Our workshop is an open space, with floor to ceiling windows filling the room with natural light. The space is designed as an artist studio to support a design process that is radically open and collaborative. The FORMS team works collaboratively under the guidance of creative director, Tzvika Janover.

This global team of artisan masters use innovations on age-old techniques to create precise, distinctive works. Driven by a deep appreciation of precious gemstones, the spirit of the workshop is characterised by openness, curiosity and the relentless pursuit of perfection. The collective aim is to create one-of-a-kind works that act as new forms of expression. Fundamental to the creative process of FORMS jewellery is a desire to connect and support the gemstones with as little metal as possible, to appear as though floating. To this end, FORMS has created custom methods to achieve a technique that sculpts our set gems seamlessly, giving each piece our signature weightlessness.

“We’re constantly working with tougher and rarer materials. We’re challenging ourselves all the time. We never stop until the piece is perfect. ”

- Tzvika Janover, Co-Founder and Creative Director.