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Who We Are

Behind The Brand

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FORMS is a high jewellery house driven by freedom of design and an intense focus on technical mastery.  What begins as an open, imaginative and collaborative process is gradually refined into works that tell a story from every angle.

We work with only the rarest and most precious gemstones, each creation a handcrafted original that expresses a deep appreciation for its material and expertly articulates its own individuality.

Our master jewellers are proficient craftsmen whose innovative creativity and engineering precision give our signature pieces a sense of natural weightlessness. Every design is both subtle in composition and perfectly executed. FORMS produces fewer than 100 pieces each year, preferring focus and perfection over quantity.


“We draw on quiet moments and glimpses of inspiration to create beautiful works of patience that are inspired by and in tune with the natural world,”

- Tzvika Janover, Co-Founder and Creative Director.